About me


My name is Yina, and yes, it is my real English name.

Most people know me as the girl who runs TheVelvetDolls, which i'm doing full-time now. Long story.

My life story so far is pretty unconventional from most.. i think? Actually, i was pretty smart as a kid, i'm just incredibly and extremely lazy, and all my teachers really couldn't be bothered with me after awhile. LOL... I HATED math and science with a vengeance, and enjoyed subjects like English, Literature, History etc. Obviously not a person suited for mugging life.

By the grace of God, i managed to get pretty decent grades for my O's (5As and 3Bs actually, would you believe that!) and made the major decision to not enter Junior College at all, and applied for the course of my choice, which is NYP's Digital Media Design.

Why design? Honestly, i don't know, but all i knew was that i really did NOT want to study any more, and i developed a newfound interest in design and photoshop after one of those compulsory IT classes which we had to take in secondary school (proves that those IT classes weren't that useless after all! even though i still can't get my head around MS Excel, but hey, at least i found my interest in design!)

I think I drove my dad up the wall when i told him i didn't apply for JC at all! :X The 3 years in DMD were a mix of both good and bad, but I managed to survive it all, and graduated with not just a diploma, but a Merit diploma! :D *pats self on back*

I don't have a degree, and i stopped my studies after i graduated with my diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation). Which also explains for all those cutesy graphics and funky layouts you see on my blog, even though i've left the design industry 2 years ago, i still enjoy playing around with Photoshop and making pretty pictures.

(one of my artworks, and the avatar i now use on my blog!)

I worked as a comic artist for a couple of years, with Imaginary Friends Studio. Some of my accolades include doing artwork for World of Warcraft, as well as being a colorist for some Marvel and Topcow titles. Haha! Bet you won't know what i'm talking about, unless you're a gamer or comic fan. My time at IFS was pretty much the best time of my art career! :D After which, i left the studio and went on to work as a game artist for a Research Project at NTU Art Design and Media School, which was so mind numbingly boring, i started blogging to pass time at work. and TADAA! There you have it, this space was born!

Not long after, i left my ultra boring job at NTU, and my sister Gina who was also unemployed at that time decided that it was a very good idea to start a blogshop. Thus, The Velvet Dolls was founded! Initially, i was only helping out with the creative aspects of the shop, like designing the brand/logo, and helping to model and shoot for the shop (together with JY! we have many classic "pond" shots which i cringe to look at now) but somehow along the way, Gina got herself a job, and i found myself running The Velvet Dolls full time, while blogging on the sidelines! :)

I'm really thankful and glad that i somehow found something i enjoy doing, because i know i can't spend my life slogging away in a profession i don't enjoy. of course, i'm not sure if i see myself still doing this 20 years from now, but i'm a live-in-the-moment kind of girl, and i won't waste any energy worrying about things like that.

Other facts about me:

I've been fat for most of my life, but i was 20, i kind of decided that enough was enough, and after about 6 months of crazy exercise/diet/appetite suppressant pills, i lost 10++ kg. Coincidentally enough, i got attached to my first boyfriend like 4 months after i started losing weight. LOL. so much for inner beauty. I'm constantly paranoid about putting on weight and i'm always always trying to diet.

I love animals, and have 4 dogs, 2 hamsters and countless fish at home. Check out my instagram (@yinagoh) because i upload photos of my adorable pets regularly!

I love to sing, and so does my boyfriend YZ. We've been together for close to 5 years, and in fact, we met at a 民歌餐厅, but it's not what you probably imagined it to be like, no one was singing and no one fell in love with the other person's voice. LOL... very disappointing, i know. Anyways, collectively, the two of us are more famously known as 想YY, which was our duo name when we took part in a Mediacorp Channel 8 TV singing competition in 2011!

We ended up 3rd in the competition, because YZ 忘词 in the finals. Hahaha. Regardless, the competition was an unforgettable experience, and will always be a treasured trove of memories for the two of us!

Sometimes i sing for gigs and weddings too, and i've gigged at places like Switch by Timbre, China One, and Acid Bar.

Other than pop, I also sing in the SYC Ensemble Singers, and travel abroad regularly to perform, sing and compete with them. Singing and music is a huge part of my life, and i'm really blessed to have so many opportunities to enjoy doing what i enjoy! I guess i'm amazingly extraordinarily exceedingly lucky.

I love to read, and just about anything with text on it (even the back of a cereal box) becomes reading fodder for me. I love buying old books from 2nd hand book stores!

I love make-up, and beauty. Anything that makes me look prettier gets my thumbs up :D

I love photography, and am just a little geeky and gadgety.

OH! Just because i always get this question, i use the Olympus E-P3 with the Panasonic 20mm lens for most of the shots you see on my blog.
I also own a Canon 550D (which i use mostly for shoots) and a Ricoh GXR!

OK.. i'll update this page whenever i think i have something to add. I'm really bad at doing this self-bio thing.


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